Kpop Dictionary for iPad

9월 5, 2011

* Kpop Dictionary  for iPad

*Download from iTunes

* Concept : Kpop Star’s Korean name is included, it is possible to search the web in South Korea.

South Korea’s few sites on Google or Yahoo, provide little information.

Only have access to that website, and all results can be confirmed.

Another problem is that most of the images and videos have been written in Korean.

To search this you need to enter the Korean language.

Even if you do not know Korean, it automatically solves.

* View : 3Layers ( Menu > Group name > Member name )

  • Main Menu (Layer 1)

  • Boy Group (Layer 2)

  • Girl Group (Layer 2)

  • Korean Drama (Layer 2) : Provide information, even for a bit part.

  • Detail (Layer 3) : Member name

  • Select Member name >  (add keywords)  >Search images and video in Korean famous portal.

* Result

  • Super Junior : English Keyword.    Images ( 24,110)

  • Super Junior : Korean Keyword.    Images ( 306,557)

  • SNSD : English Keyword.    Images ( 13,715)

  • SNSD : Korean Keyword.    Images ( 883,258)

  • SHINee : English Keyword.  Images (72,148)

  • SHINee : Korean Keyword.  Images (456,626)

  • KARA : English Keyword.  Images (25,232)

  • KARA : Korean Keyword.  Images (420,536)

  • Search images

*  Why did this I got the results?

  • If you write a blog, it is not detected in Korean. Is the same reason.
  • Most of the pictures you’ve seen so far are the ones born from there.
  • Now, you can be found on the latest trends.

* Tip

  • Additional Keywords : When you search on youtube if you type the numbers( 20110808 or 2011-08-08), the more detailed information can be found.

  • Keywords to search in real time with fans:  Just click into search box.

  • (Funny) Moving Pictures‘ Keyword :When you search by ‘Moving Pictures’ keyword, some of the pictures are not animating.   The reason is, that photo is made of the flash.    You can copy the URL, paste it into your laptop or desktop.
  • (Funny) Moving Pictures : Slow image playback, you can copy the URL of the image and paste it in a new window.

i) URL Copy

ii) New Page

iii) Paste

  • If Kara had a comeback, with a combination of these two words[‘KARA (카라)’ + ‘Comeback (컴백)’ ] can be searched.

* Special key words support: The name of a particular star and not just ‘good-lookingcelebrities’ or ‘beautiful artists’ words are also included.

* Images: Even now, the star of TV appearances, and South Korea, and the image of blogs is increasing.

* Video:  The copyright of Korea, the video does not vary, but the TVCF or the latest gossip and news can be seen quickly.

* Plan:  Please email me if you want to add a artist.

* Etc:  Believe it or not, but it is my favorite app.

Kpop star, but also because a list of over 80 actors and 100 actress.

*Download from iTunes

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